02 Nov Left-Right-Center: Sewtopia Edition

02 Nov Left-Right-Center: Sewtopia Edition

We’re back from market and getting ready to party down at Sewtopia Austin! While you’re packing and deciding what projects to bring, be sure to pack a few extra fat quarters for our Sewtopia Edition of Left-Right-Center.

What’s Left-Right-Center, you say? If quilters were gamblers, this would be our game. A game of chance, but you could win a pot of Fat Quarters! We will be playing themed games, you can join any game you would like, just bring fat quarters that match the theme.


  • Tula Pink
  • Cotton + Steel
  • Lizzy House
  • Shhh – Low Volume
  • Solids
  • Modern Wild Card (a modern mix that you choose)

You need to bring 3 fat quarters per themed game. If you really like Lizzy, but don’t really want to play the Low Volume round, no problem! Just bring 3 Lizzy fat quarters and play that game! Each FQ is designer fabric only, no JoAnn or Hancocks please. 100% cotton, unwashed, pressed and smoke-free please.

How to Play:

Each theme will be played in three rounds. So you will have three chances to win!

  • First you start the pot by placing one thematic fat quarter in the center of the table.
  • Everyone gets 3 chips to start and rolls 3 dice (at the same time), the out come of dice determines the fate of your chips.
  • L = pass the chip to the left, R = pass the chip to the right, C = chip goes to the center (out of the game), Dot = nothing happens
  • Even if you lose all three chips on your turn, you stay in the round because a chip could be passed to you from the people on your left or right!
  • A chip is out of play after it goes to the center.
  • Last person with a chip wins the pot!
  • We will play three rounds per theme so you have more than once chance to win!

Don’t worry we will go over these rules again before we play. You can enter each theme or just a couple, the choice is up to you! Have fun!