Windham Fabrics Marcia Derse Spotted Graffiti Blue Hour


Fabric is measured in yards, starting with a half yard minimum and can be increased in quarter yard increments.

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Spotted Graffiti is all about color and texture. It boasts a vibrant color palette of vivid magenta, ocean blue, golden yellow, speckled grey and the sandy beige of a wind battered beach. The organic texture and the super soft, high-density cotton make it a dream to stitch.

Marcia Derse, an established modern fiber artist and fabric designer. For the last two decades, Marcia has honed and perfected her techniques for creating unique pieces of hand-dyed and hand-painted fabrics. She brings a completely new vocabulary of color to the quilting world.

From her studio on Whidbey Island in beautiful Pacific Northwest, Marcia starts with a blank canvas; a bolt of muslin, fabric dyes, and the primary colors in silkscreen paints. The world is her palette---when she sets to work, she gathers colors, images and objects from everywhere. Anything that catches her eye outdoors or in the studio becomes an artist's tool: pine cones, spoons, brushes, homemade stamps, and bamboo pens. She applies paint with abandon, exhausting the cups of color, trying every combination. Each piece of fabric is a fresh and innovative arrangement of color, form, and texture. Bringing together these stand-alone pieces, her fabric collections are harmonious groupings that represent a central idea or concept. She draws her themes from the seasons or her travels or sometimes simply a new texture found in her environment.

Marcia is a frequent mainstay at the country's most prestigious fabric shows and art fairs, always with a colorful, enticing booth that matches its artwork in creativity and design. She debuts at Windham Fabrics with two exciting collections: Palette and Mosaic. Check back often for the latest from this wonderful designer and learn more about Marcia, her fabric collections and artwork, at her website