Tiny Hooray Spiraling Pen Set


3 jotter pens, black gel ink

“I Am Very Important”
“So What Do You Do?”
“Stand Right, Walk Left”

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There’s nothing better than laughing hysterically behind-the-scenes on those Zoom calls with your work bestie, or unashamedly loving your take-out anniversary traditions, or really bonding over your disdain for the same things. We see you, we get it.

Tiny Hooray creates stationery + gifts for those moments - the ones where we said what you were thinking inside your head, the ones that you just have to get to get it. Life can be full of such dull moments, so we want to help you celebrate the every day fun ones! It's the tiny hoorays that keep us going each day and keep us connected to our people.

Tiny Hooray is a small but mighty operation. All items start with silly, hand drawn doodles and sentiments Beth Roszkowski thinks about while sitting in DC-area traffic. For anyone who has ever been to DC, you know that sitting in traffic here is a great way to kill a lot of time. Amanda Yerkes is our #1 tradeshow maven: handy with tools and linesheets! We hope you look at these products and laugh to yourself as you spy one that makes you think of exactly the right person you just have to give it to because they will *so* get it.