Happy Sew Sew Like a Boss Pin


This pin is on preorder – they are en route from Canada. We expect them to arrive around the end of July.

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Inspiration behind the design:
Human beings have a peculiar tendency to doubt themselves. Women in particular seem to give themselves less credit than what they are worthy of. Yet in truth we are always way stronger than we think we are. This doubt inhibits us from doing things that might broaden our horizons or bring us happiness. There is nothing more satisfying than tackling a challenge that we are scared of and nailing it. It feeds our self-confidence and gives us the boost needed to believe in ourselves for future challenges. This is how we grow and develop new skills. The “Sew Like a Boss” block speaks to this process, and fittingly includes a few lessons to learn that can take your skills up a notch. The skill builders include: tiny piecing, managing a large number of sections, multiple critical matching points that require accuracy and a Y-seam thrown in for good measure. By rising to these challenges you’ll show yourself who is boss, and that, my friend, will be you!

The Sew Like a Boss pin is designed by Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky. The pin are based on Happy Sew Lucky quilt patterns, which have inspiring stories behind them. High quality hard enamel pin with secure metal clasp on back.

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Happy Sew Lucky (Berene Campbell)

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