Finish it, Friday with Sewtopia!

Finish it, Friday with Sewtopia!
With the new year, comes a new resolutions. Our resolution is to finish more sewing projects and we want you to play along. Beginning today we're introducing Finish It Friday! Won't you finish it with us?!
It's always fun to have a finish to show off on social media, but just because you don't have a completed project doesn't mean you haven't been working on it. Right?! Our biggest accomplishments are NOT always our finishes. . . and the smallest hurdle in a project can sometimes be our toughest one. Choosing the right fabric, deciding how to quilt it, or even even picking the right binding can be a challenge.
We think it's worth sharing with the world and our community.
If you're anything like us, we have multiple projects going on at the same time and it's hard to keep track of them. Our suggestion is keep a list and put a tiny status update by each project. So grab a notepad or even scratch piece of paper and join us.
Here's how Finish It Friday's will work:
  • Make a list of your sewing projects and notate where you're at with them
  • Post your list on Instagram with a hashtag of #finishitfridays (If you're not on Instagram consider joining Sewtopia's Facebook group and posting there! Our facebook link is located below.)
  • Choose a project to work on and keep posting your progress
  • Browse the hashtag or comment on other's projects, let's cheer each other on and take pride in our progress
  • Stay positive! Looking at all your projects can be discouraging, but getting organized is just the first step in the finish it direction
  • Sewtopia will choose a winner each month from the #finishitfridays posts and send a bundle of fabric to the winner. We'll announce on the first Friday of the following month who the winner is. February's prize will be a fat quarter bundle of Jot by Heather Givans.

Picture by Kerry Goulder of Kid Giddy

Hope to see you and your projects today and throughout the weekend.