Echino Charm Swap with Bunny’s Designs!

Echino Charm Swap with Bunny’s Designs!

Sewtopia and Bunny Designs will be doing up to 4 Charm Swap throughout the year. Half will be offered to attendees and the other half to folks online. Each person that’s participating in the swap buys a two yards of Echino fabric from Bunny’s Designs. Her team will cut up the yards into (28) 10×10 charms and sorts them.


PLEASE READ over the rules!!!!

  1. Fill out registration form – once the 28 openings are filled, Sewtopia will close the swap.
  2. There will be only 28 openings
  3. Please wait on a confirmation email to purchase fabric for the swap. If you don’t get in that’s fine, USE THE COUPON TO BUY AWESOME FABRIC & NOTIONS at killer prices!
  4. Purchase 2 yards of Echino Japanese fabric from Bunny’s Design store. Currently, the Echino fabric is discounted at 10% off and Bunny will be giving you a 20% discount on all purchases! You can even purchase “PREORDER” Echino for charms, it will available in time for cutting.
  5. Bunny’s Design will cut and sort the charms for you!
  6. The 20% discount applies to the entire shop, including clearance section.
  7. You can purchase additional fabric or notions besides the fabric for the Charm Swap and use the discount code. All additional items will be held and shipped together with the charm swap. Please put a note in the order stating your are in the swap: Sewtopia Echino Swap and the fabric you purchase for the swap will be cut and added to the swap.
  8. DEADLINE TO ORDER: 1.18.17
  9. The promo code to use for the 20% is: SewtopiaHappy expires 1.18.17 at midnight. Swappers and non-swappers are able to use the code.
  10. Charms and orders will ship out on 1.31.17 or earlier depending on how fast the group fills

Please fill out the form below if you would like to participate. When we reach our capacity of 28 we will remove the form! Have fun and happy shopping!