19 Mar Pellon at Sewtopia Chicago

19 Mar Pellon at Sewtopia Chicago

Pellon® brand products are distributed in the United States and Canada through the PCP Group, LLC (Pellon® Consumer Products) in Saint Petersburg, FL. They continue to be the industry leader in the interfacing category. They have interfacings for apparel, home craft & décor, quilting, fusible webs and embroidery.

Pellon® offers a wide range of batting with materials from Cotton to Wool, Bamboo to Soy, and Polyester to Rayon. Legacy™ is known as an industry leader and has quickly become the go-to batting for both beginner and advanced quilters and sewers.

For Sewtopia Chicago attendees we will have a “batting station.” The purpose of the batting station is to help you complete your projects from the classes and for any extra projects you brought along with you. There’s no extra costs! We want you to sew, take your project to the batting station, cut what you’ll need, baste, and then quilt it if needed.

The batting that will be offered at Sewtopia Chicago:

  • Legacy by Pellon® Bamboo Blend Batting w/Scrim a soft blend of 50% Bamboo/50% Cotton. It is needle punched onto a very lightweight sheet of scrim/polypropylene. The scrim is lighter than most in the industry today, thus making hand quilting much easier, while adding strength for hand and machine workers alike. Strength has not been compromised in any way by using this ultra-light scrim. The batting will not stretch and can be stitched up to 8”-10” apart.
  • Legacy by Pellon® 100% Bleached Cotton Batting
    allows stitched areas up to 4”. It has a low loft and is best used in machine work. For hand sewing use the 100% cotton with no scrim binder added. Cotton is a natural and renewable, sustainable fiber that has been used in quilts for centuries. The cotton fiber is strong, yet soft and has proven itself to last. Quilts are not destined for a landfill, yet quilters are conscious of the environment and are making choices to ‘do no harm’ to the earth. The growth and processing of all natural cotton does not harm the environment. It is needle punched and there are no chemicals used. Our cottons are grown and manufactured in the USA.