Uniwax Prints from the Invory Coast Wax Print Hot Pink


Fabric is measured in yards, starting with a half yard minimum and can be increased in quarter yard increments.

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Wax Block is Uniwax's finest quality product printed on 100% cotton fabric. It is characterized by the application of one to three additional colors, in harmony with the design that is printed using wax and dyeing technique. Like the Wax print, the designs are visualized on both the front and back of the fabric. Renowned for their famous designs and wide palette of colors, Wax Block is loved for its versatility and bright look.

Uniwax was established over 50 years ago in Abidjan to produce wax-printed textiles for the newly independent, vibrant, and fast-growing economy. Their textiles have been used over generations to create unique pieces of clothing: a tradition in Africa that has been handed down for generations. As the years have progressed, Uniwax has become part of the social and cultural fabric and is renowned as the authentic "Wax Cote d'Ivoire."

Uniwax Mission statement: Create a sustainable source of self-expression and everyday joy through outspoken creativity and modern style. Provide uniquely produced wax-printed fabrics that help express individuality, identity, and cultural heritage.