Happy Sew Lucky Love Banner PDF Pattern



This pattern was designed in response to the sudden increase in hate and violence against Asian communities in North America and elsewhere since the pandemic began. The diverse Asian cultures of the world contribute an incredible richness to our lives with their fascinating history, incredible creative arts, funky fashion trends, ancient wisdom and healing therapies, amazing innovation and technology, and of course, most delicious culinary skills. With the help and advice from many of my friends within the Asian community, I have designed this pattern, so together we can show our support by standing up against hate, and spreading kindness and love instead.

The project began with just the Finger Heart block, a symbol for love by K-Pop singers. We then decided to add the word “LOVE” in multiple Asian and Polynesian languages, and a few hearts for fun. This gives you the opportunity to play with all the elements and create something beautiful that stands against the ugliness of hate and prejudice. Since this project is about celebrating Asian culture the pattern also includes instructions to make the blocks into banners, which are customary in many Asian festivals.

A little note about languages: The number of Asian languages is as plentiful as the value the Asian community brings to us all - this made it impossible to include them all. If your language was left out, please don’t be sad, this eort was done to show support for ALL Asian & Polynesian cultures. If you’d like your language represented, feel free to make a block using whichever technique you prefer, and use the hashtag: #AsianLoveBannersPattern to share it online as part of the project. - Berene

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