Coco West Illustration Sewing Notions Stamp Rainbow Washi Tape


Each 5m long and 25mm wide roll offers easy removal and reuse, with perforations for neat tearing.

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These delightful stamp washi tape rolls make an ideal gift for stationery lovers and quilters. Featuring various sewing notions in ten unique designs, the tape comes in rainbow color schemes.

  • Each roll is 5m long and 25mm wide, offering easy removal and reuse while ensuring a secure hold without leaving residue.
  • Perforations between each stamp allow for easy individual tearing or precise cutting with scissors for a neat separation.
  • This vibrant tape adds a touch of joy to any space, perfect for sewing rooms or various creative projects like gift wrapping, bullet journals, scrapbooks, sewing machines, cards, and more.

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Coco West Illustration