Carolyn Friendlander Mini Eads Quilt Pattern


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Eads Mini is a cute and miniaturized version of Carolyn's larger Eads pattern. Two new block sizes mean this Mini can be done in two new ways. It's scrap friendly and ready for a good time. Eads Mini is a great addition to the Eads family.

20"x20" (Version 1) and 16"x18" (Version 2). Two versions are made from two different blocks.

+ Fabric: Go two-tone or scrappy--explore a variety of creative directions! Version 1 features fabrics are from my Harriot collection, and Version 2 features AFR 18109-379 (from Harriot) and Kona Grellow.

+ Pattern includes: Two project versions and block styles, how-to instructions with illustrations

+ Great for precuts and swaps.