Windham Fabrics Tessie Fay Sweet Abigail Starlight Navy


This remnant is 3/4 yd or 27″.

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Sweet Abigail is a ray of sunshine! She is warm, inviting, and gets along swimmingly with others. Her reflex is to love people fully, deeply, and quickly. Sweet Abigail captures the gratitude of everyday moments by soaking up the sunshine, gazing at the stars, and honoring friends all over the world. She is a defender of womanhood, a lover of diversity, and sees beauty in everyday moments.

Tessie Fay is an artist and a pattern designer with a passion for helping families create beautiful homes full of joy and color. Her patterns are a direct reflection of her love, joy and desire to uplift. Painting, crafting and creating since she was a child, Tessie has always loved mixing colors and creating things to brighten the world. When she is not designing, Tessie can be found busting a move during her impromptu living room dance parties, going to the theater, or spending time with her family.

Tessie currently lives with her husband and four children in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Just look for the house with the hot pink door!

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