Windham Fabrics Heather Ross West Hill Riding Gear Cool Tan


This remnant is 3/4 yd or 27″.

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In April of 2010, Heather Ross was designing for Kokka fabrics and she announced her 2nd part of her Far Far Away series. Just like the 1st part of the series, the 2nd part had great fairy tale characters but this time it was introducing new characters like Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and the Owl singing to the Pussy Cat. It was printed on a linen with a natural color.

West Hill was one of Heather's first quilting fabric collections. It was inspired by a real place, an intersection of dirt roads where there had once been a town, on little mountain in northern Vermont. Just beyond that crossroads was an old one room schoolhouse, and just below that, a meadow filled with wildflowers, and just beyond that, a perfect swimming hold at the bottom of the waterfall, underneath a covered bridge.