Windham Fabrics Heather Ross Lucky Rabbit Fairy House Yellow

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In April of 2010, Heather Ross was designing for Kokka fabrics and she announced her 2nd part of her Far Far Away series. Just like the 1st part of the series, the 2nd part had great fairy tale characters but this time it was introducing new characters like Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and the Owl singing to the Pussy Cat. It was printed on a linen with a natural color.

During the isolation of the covid pandemic, Heather and her daughter Bee would escape to her playroom and into her dollhouses. They wallpapered the tiny walls with their own designs, made and painted tiny plates and bowls with clay, and sewed quilts and dresses for the inhabitants, a family of small bunnies and mice. It brought them immense comfort to stay busy with what felt like an endless project: like any other renovation, it seemed that here way always more to do. Lucky Rabbit is a celebration of the imaginary world of inhabited by dollhouse dwellers and their minders. It's also a scrapbook of sorts for Bee and Heather, and hopefully, others as well.