Windham – Dylan Mierzwinski Mazy Sunflower Mist

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Dylan Mierzwinski is an illustrator and educator living in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona. Inspired by vintage floral sheets, inky print making, and a heavy dose of nostalgia, her world is comprised of rosy cheeked and cheeky characters, bold and sometimes clashing color palettes, and flora and fauna of all shapes. As a self taught artist and sewist herself (she is a proud bag lady), Dylan loves to lend encouragement and experience to others trying their hand at creativity, and has grown to be a top teacher on Skillshare. Her work is recognized for its unique color, deft line work, and balance of fun with functional. She enjoys a hybrid workflow that utilizes both analog (pens, markers, and paint) and digital (photoshop, illustrator, procreate) components.

In her spare time, the honorary senior citizen (dubbed by her grandmas bowling team) loves a good mystery, wearing leggings as pants, putting stamps on letters, waving at dogs, and being a general homebody.

This is debut collection for Dylan and it was inspired by the spirit of the wild ad the freedom of nature with wildflowers, fresh snaps beans, rich soil, and elegant petals. It celebrates walking barefoot through a glorious summer in full bloom.

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