SOHMO – Sharps Needles


Made in Japan, needle sizes: 20 needles:

  • 5 needles, 0.69 x 38.10mm (7 gauge)
  • 5 needles, 0.61 x 36.50mm (8 gauge)
  • 5 needles, 0.53 x 34.90mm (9 gauge)
  • 5 needles, 0.46 x 33.30mm (10 gauge)

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Sharps are great all-purpose needles. Great for a wide variety of hand-sewing tasks on light to medium fabrics. Made in Japan, these needles are snag-free, sharp and strong.

Packaged in a gorgeous blue tin with sliding lid, these pins make great gifts or a luxe addition to your sewing kit.

SOHMO is a considered collection of quality sewing notions for makers and creators that was created by Sonya Morris in Melbourne, Australia.

Disappointed by the lacklustre selection of poorly made sewing tools available at chain stores, Sonya embarked on a journey to find quality sewing tools that are made to last. SOHMO is the result of many years of consideration and investigation to source quality, useful sewing tools. The resulting collection of sewing tools is of the highest quality and intended to be used for many years to come.

Sewing has always been a part of Sonya’s family. Her grandmother, Una, worked in Melbourne as a young woman as a seamstress for many years. Once Una had a family, she made clothes for herself, her husband and her six children.

Sonya’s mother also sewed, making many clothes for her when she was a child. She remembers hearing the slow and deliberate movement of her mother’s large sewing scissors cut through layers of fabric on the sewing table. Playing in the sewing room with the jars of buttons and feeling the weight of the heavy pinking shears with black enamel handles.

Today, sewing is no longer a necessity for making ends meet, but rather a relaxing pastime. As such, we believe one should surround themselves with quality tools that make the process enjoyable. Don’t underestimate the joy that can be brought by the feeling of sharp scissors cutting through layers of heavy linen, or strong smooth pins gliding through silk or cotton fabrics.

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