Ruby Star Society Sarah Watts Peppermint Please Panel

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Sarah Watts loves drawing cute, cuddly animals, but her art also has a darker side because she loves creepy things too. Growing up, Halloween was like her family's Christmas (they even lived in some haunted houses!). As a child with limited means and imaginative parents, Sarah was already selling artwork to help her family with the bills. Since graduating from Ringling College with a degree in illustration she has worked prolifically, with gigs like designing baby clothes, illustrating numerous book covers, and creating fabrics as a founding designer of Cotton+Steel. Most recently, she started a company with her husband called Craftedmoon that specializes in stationary and gifts for the crafty homebody.

The Peppermint Please is a three-piece panel collection by Sarah Watts celebrating the winter and Christmas season! The panel measures 58"x70" and includes 1 Christmas Countdown Calendar with treat pockets, Happy Holidays bunting triangles, 6 larger elements for quilt blocks and plushies, and assorted smaller elements to use as you wish.

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Peppermint Please


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