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Kim Kight shares her love for vintage fabrics by reproducing historical prints or taking elements from their designs to create something new. Her favorite fabrics come from the mid-century period - the 1940s through '60s. She loves their quirky little designs that can be recreated in such a timeless way.

Kimberly Kight helped shape and influence the modern fabric and quilting scene in the mid 2000s with her very successful, now-shuttered blog True Up, but at heart she is a traditional quilter. From the time she started sewing she has collected vintage fabrics, scouring Ebay, thrift stores, and flea markets for the best finds. As one of the founding designers of Cottton+Steel, she took elements from these vintage fabrics and reworked them in fresh new ways for the modern sewer.

A liana is a vine-like plant that grows up through trees to reach the light of the forest canopy. To create her 2nd collection with Ruby Star Society, Kim took a viney vintage jungle print and mixed in a pan-animal fur print from a vintage Ken doll outfit, a sweet little calico, and a vintage snail friend.

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