Ruby Star Rising – Alexia Abegg Vessell Hills Suede


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Alexia's work is raw and a bit rough; she like to keep things from becoming too polished. She's very interested in makers' marks, so she does a lot of hand-processing, like painting or block printing. She believes there is an approachable aspect to a piece or print when you can see evidence of the artist's hand in the work.

Nashville-based, Alexia Marcelle Abegg was born in Folsom, California, on the day Mount St. Helens erupted. She has been inspired by her mother's and father's creativity and dedication to art throughout her life. After trying her hand at photography, acting, costuming, custom sewing, and many other creative pursuits, she found a home creating fine art quilts and sewing patterns while living in Brooklyn. She's also created a pattern company with her mom, Michelle called Green Bee Patterns and she was a founding designer of Cotton+Steel. She currently works mostly with clay, paper, textiles, paint, ink, and dye, and her hands are always moving.

In Vessel, Alexia was inspired by making pottery - the process of decorating the pots, creating shapes and painting motifs on bisqueware: the colors of glazes she likes to use in her studio; the rich but subdues colors of natural clay. Alexia designed nine canvas prints with bag making in mind; four gorgeous rayons feature a flowing design inspired by wheat stalks.

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Alexia Marcelle Abegg


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