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In June 2020, Ann shared an illustration on Instagram that she created to process her hurt and pain towards racism and the racial injustices in our country. Her caption: See Us. Hear Us. Love us. which was/is both her heart's cry and hope. Ann and Robert Kaufman Fabrics worked to get this amazing print on fabric. Robert Kaufman is also donating the proceeds to a scholarship fun for aspiring Black textile students.

After years of public policy, Kelle Boyd returned to her childhood love of art. Her passion was rekindled when she went to the store to purchase art supplies as a stress reliever. Who knew that two years later, in 2006, this would lead to the beginning of Ann Kelle Designs? Her colorful, fresh, and modern designs now appear on a variety of paper products found on the shelves of boutiques, as well as stores such as Target and Barnes & Noble.

Simple, sweet, and sassy. Designs inspired by all that we have always known and loved…from dad’s tie, spring flowers, ice cream, our favorite rock band, and even the sweaters we wore in the second grade. All the things we loved as kids. Their work motto is quite simple…work is a passion. Laughter is a requirement.

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