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Sale fabric is measured in yards, starting with a half yard minimum and can be increased in yard increments.

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Ann drew this collection in hopes that it would make you smile. Colorful kites, friends holding hands, dancing, flowers for friends, cartwheels, being silly, jumps for joy – all happy things. Whether it’s remembering the happiness of a past memory or looking to future hopes, brighter days are there and still yet to come.

After years of public policy, Kelle Boyd returned to her childhood love of art. Her passion was rekindled when she went to the store to purchase art supplies as a stress reliever. Who knew that two years later, in 2006, this would lead to the beginning of Ann Kelle Designs? Her colorful, fresh, and modern designs now appear on a variety of paper products found on the shelves of boutiques, as well as stores such as Target and Barnes & Noble.

There's nothing like taking a leisurely stroll through a local farmers market. The fresh air, talking with the vendors, while being surrounded by all the colorful vegetables, fruits and other unique goodies. It’s the best! When designing this fabric collection, Ann thought of my favorite fruits and vegetables, and trips to the farmers markets.

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