Riley Blake Designs Anderson Design Group Legends of the National Parks Postcards Blue


The poster size including the cream border is approximately 3.4″ x 4.5″. It repeats every 5/8yd

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Through the years, Anderson Design Group have studied the Masters of the Golden Age of Poster Art. Inspired by graphic design and travel art illustration from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, they enjoy doing as much as possible by hand. ADG started out by sketching up ideas. Then they would draw, paint, and hand-letter their travel poster concepts before they move to the computer (a finishing tool that helps spend less time cleaning brushes and allows them to edit their work more easily). Anderson Design Group's goal is to create art the way it was done before the era of cameras and computers. They strive to create travel wall decor that looks like it was produced in the early part of the 20th century. Once they have finished a design, they produce posters on gallery-grade paper in their very own print shop. ADG is a family owned business is dedicated to creating the highest quality and most affordable travel decor possible. They hope you can see and feel the quality that goes into their American-made prints, books, and gifts. And they hope you enjoy their original creations as much as they have enjoyed producing them!

The artists of Anderson Design Group have spent years documenting the wilderness and wonder of America's National Parks. They've explored, rendered posters, written books, and photographed the nation's most cherished public lands. During their research and adventures in the parks, they've also run across some pretty exciting legends. They've heard horror stories about strange creatures that others have seen, heard, (or felt). They've uncovered tall tales of unexplainable events, ancient myths, and local stories passed down by Indigenous Peoples, colonial settlers, and park visitors. Many of the legends they've come across are based on Native American folklore, and to the best of their abilities, they’ve indicated which tribes were associated with each story, being careful to respect the sacred traditions of Indigenous beliefs. As they continued to dig deeper, they realized that cultures from every continent on the globe also have their own rich traditions of mythology that feature bizarre, creepy, and quirky legendary beings. So they began exploring, celebrating, and depicting magical, mystical monsters from all over the planet. We hope you enjoy our Legends Of The National parks designs!