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Standing up to the inequalities, racism and prejudice that is so prevalent in the world today requires courage, vim & vigour. Many are marching to stand up for their rights and freedom, or for those of others. Confrontation is uncomfortable, and scary at times. But we are stronger as a community - especially when standing in unity for goodness. If you have fire in your belly that's busting to get out, you'll need to muster up some MOXIE! (MOXIE means courage, nerve, vigour, or fortitude
Having moxie means having enough cleverness, skill, creativity, & fortitude to solve a difficult or threatening situation.)

The Moxie pin is designed by Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky. The pin are based on Happy Sew Lucky quilt patterns, which have inspiring stories behind them. High quality hard enamel pin with secure metal clasp on back.

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Happy Sew Lucky (Berene Campbell)

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