Moda Fabrics Urban Chicks Owl-o-Ween Spider Gingham Style Spell

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Fabric is measured in yards, starting with a half yard minimum and can be increased in quarter yard increments.

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Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Is ready for Halloween? This collection has traditional Halloween motifs - bats, ghosts, pumpkins, stars, and candles designed with softer shades of orange, green, pink, black, and gray for a new and fresh look for Halloween. A nice surprise for Halloween lovers!

Holly started out life planning to be an architect but she'd be the first to admit that her math skills aren't great. That didn't stop her from starting a small company where she designed and built furniture - with the help of a few close friends. While she doesn't like being labeled, she is a MAKER. Designing, decorating, building renovations, a DIY. Holly's an entrepreneur and trying new business ventures while being a mom of two kids, two dogs, and a wife. She's a crafter of everything and anything, a quilter and a Navy veteran. Holly's style is quirky mix of vintage, modern, boho, and farmhouse.