Little House Cottons Kristen Balouch Lumpy Garden Organic Poplin Fawn Nest Tomato

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When you spend days amending your garden soil but their are still lumps — in the soil or in life — embrace the lumps. Lumpy Garden’s hero print Afternoon Trot (both in citrus and tomato colorways) reminisces of a peaceful country outing where you might discover a sweet Fawn’s Nest or Strawberry Fields. Lumpy Garden’s blender fabrics.

KRISTEN BALOUCH is the award-winning author/illustrator of almost a dozen children’s books. Her work has evolved from an appreciation of universal themes in folk art, a love of color play, and a lifetime of crafting. Her work has been seen in the New York Times, on products for various licensing partners—such as games, toys, umbrellas, and baby clothes, and in solo and group shows in New York and Italy. She began crafting around age five with a bucket of yarn, crochet needles, and a pile of Barbie dolls in need of clothes. More about her at

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