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Show your love of sewing with this super fun sticker. Don’t stop at one, collect them all!

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Tattoo Quilt is no ordinary quilt. It is an epic voyage into your heart, via your sewing space, that will take you to places of excitement, frustration, delight, self-reflection ...and eventually awesome empowerment! The quilt was design by Berene Campbell, and began in January 2017, one block per month, each with one word that was relevant to current affairs that month. The quilt captures a personal journey of searching for positivity during a challenging time of political turmoil worldwide. Berene designed the blocks in the style of vintage tattoos because, like tattoos, the events that were occurring in the world were indelible and cannot be erased from our history. Tattoo are also used historically as a means of documenting events in people’s lives. Her goal for this quilt was that to process our feelings, and to provoke dialogue and empathy across borders, whether those borders be geographical, political, religious or even within your friends and family.

This sheet measures 5x7

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Happy Sew Lucky (Berene Campbell)



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