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100% of the profit going to the Social Justice Sewing Academy for more infomation visit www.sjsacademy.com. Buy one for you and a few extra for your friends!

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Buy one for you and a few extra for friends. Tuck them into swap projects or quilty birthday gifts. Stick them on your sewing machine, your pin tin, your planner, your phone case, heck - stick them on your forehead! Wherever you need to see this message to keep your sewjo flowin’!

Back story: "I remember the first day I learned about the Social Justice Sewing Academy. I scrolled through their feed in amazement at the incredible work done by the students. As a graphic designer that studied and worked for years to learn to design conceptually, seeing such young kids produce these powerful pieces of conceptual art just blew me away. I knew I wanted to somehow support this organization. Then last month I listened to Sara Trail (founder of SJSA) speak at a Portland MQG meeting. Now there is an intelligent, thoughtful, courageous, and passionate young woman that has achieved more at 24 than most us will in our lifetimes. When she was done her talk I found myself just staring at the blank screen thinking "I want to raise some money for this project!!!” My #SewLikeaBosspattern was released shortly afterwards and a few people asked about merchandise with the design on it. So let’s start with stickers! They are priced for fundraising. Let’s see how much we can bring in to support this awesome organization." - Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky

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