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Inspiration behind BADASS 2017 & 2018 have been dramatic years for women. We’ve still got a long way to go, but the shift in momentum is about bloody time! So this quilt is for you, girls.

For those who started the year wearing pussy hats marching against hate and inequality. For the #metoo’ers who were courageous enough to stand up publicly to tell their story so others don’t get hurt. For the black female voters of Alabama, who doggedly shut Roy Moore out. For the refugee mothers eking out an existence for their kids in a war zone, despite the horrendous atrocities going on around them. For those living in places with cultural inequalities against women and where sexism is the norm. For victims of FGM. For survivors of physical and emotional abuse. For the breast cancer survivors adapting to their new bodies after surgery. For the trans women who had to fight not only to be recognized for who they really are, but also to use bathrooms where they feel safe. For the women working twice as hard in male-dominated industries, despite their misogynistic environments. Or, if you’re “just a mom", who grew a baby from scratch in her belly, then pushed it out her vagina, only to be told to nurse in a dirty public bathroom. You have truly persevered and persisted, ladies. You are BRAVE, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL and BADASS. How lucky we are to be part of a gender of huddlers and cheerleaders. Let’s keep on marching!

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Happy Sew Lucky (Berene Campbell)



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