Figo Elise Young In the Dawn Bouquet Linen Black


Fabric is measured in yards, starting with a half yard minimum and can be increased in quarter yard increments.

Content: 45% Cotton, 55% Linen
Width: 43-44″ wide

9 yards in stock


In the Dawn is inspired by nature and the memory of tranquil mornings. Dawn reminds us of the first emergence of light in sky before sunrise. It symbolizes calm, simple yet delicate images. Each botanical element in this collection is designed with original linoleum blacks and exhibits traditional and organic hue over the linen fabric.

Elisa Young is a printmaker and practicing artist based in Toronto, Canada. She makes art behind her own studio, Bloomingprint, established in 2016. Her work is mainly inspired by nature, especially florals and botanical elements. All her creations are hand-printed using traditional techniques. She hopes to enrich and fulfill people's daily lives, bringing joy with her artwork. when she isn't carving the block in the studio, she loves to travel and spend quality time with her family.

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In the Dawn


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