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Carly Gledhill is a children's book illustrator/author living and working in Stockport, U.K. She has working as a print designer for studios and retailers and completed an MA in children's book illustration. She got her first book deal with Orchard Books, writing and illustration, 'Monty and Sylvester." A tale of every superheroes' 2018 since then she has worked on her second title for Orchard and illustration for publishers including Little Tiger Press, Penguin Random House, and Usbourne.

Bnad Practice is inspired by dusty classrooms emanating with noise from squeaky recorders and enthusiastic trumpets. Memories of sheets of music, with notes dotted across the page, and the longing to be the one chosen to play, the ultimate instruments, the triangle. The designs feature a plethora of characters, shapes, and instruments from the cool kids in rock banks to the most trendy instruments of today! Now let the tuning begin!

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