Cotton + Steel Melody Miller Trinket Daisy Fields Pink Canvas

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Inspired by 1960s and 70s-era art and illustration, Melody's style evokes retro vibes reminiscent of the bold and colorful time. She works in Photoshop and uses a variety of different techniques layering colors like a screen print. The end result has a slightly photo realistic style, but with vibrant color and prints a little off register.

Melody Miller grew up in the Lowcountry of South Caroline, quite possible the prettiest place on earth. Later, she felt as much at home in New York City, where she studied industrial design at Pratt Institute, and her love for vintage objects began. She found her way to fabric design and designed numerous collections for Kokka fabrics. In 2013 she dreamed up the idea of Cotton+Steel and became one of the five founding designers.

Trinket, Melody's fifth collection for Cotton + Steel, is loosely based on items you might find in or around a midcentury desk. Melody's love of vintage fabric and iconic screen-printed art led her to use a lot of layered textures and colors in this collection. Ballpoint pens, vintage wooden thread spools, and Melody's well-known rotary phone illustration are some of the motifs you'll find in Trinket.