The Color Collective Season 1 – Half Yard Edition Catchup


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Sewtopia and Tara Faughnan have teamed up to invite you to the Color Collective! Join us on a colorful adventure that will expand your color palette and quilting skills. Every month you will receive a color bundle curated by Tara as well as a block pattern designed by Tara. In addition you will receive tips and tricks to make the block, access to a private Facebook group where you can get advice and feedback from Tara, Sewtopia, and other members. Each month we will have and a monthly giveaway exclusive to the Color Collective membership. The Color Collective is a 6 month subscription that automatically delivers to your door and email. Sign up today to start your color palette expanding journey!

Tara is professional freelance textile designer and quilter living and working in Oakland, CA. Tara started quilting around 2001 or so, using  a reprint of her guide.

Color interaction is the key inspiration that drives Tara. The intuitive moment when you put two colors together, and then two more, and two more after that is what she focus on. The explorations are endless and Tara strives to try to walk the line of discomfort and still make everything work together as a whole.


What's in each month's subscription? 

  • 12 curated solids each month, available in half yard bundles.
  • A downloadable block pattern that coordinates with color palette.
  • Access to a private Facebook community group where Tara will share tips and tricks each month about the technique and color palette, and where you can receive advice and feedback on your projects.
  • 20% on solid fabrics s for the duration of your membership

Monthly Technique Based Block

Each month you will receive via email to download a technique based block written by Tara. The block measurement can vary each month. Each block:

  • List of materials needs to complete block
  • Yardage to complete a quilt
  • Tips & Tricks
  • How to's
  • Color sheet
  • Additional Colors to help expand the color palette

Examples of some of the skills and techniques we'll be taught each month are:

  • Foundation Paper Piecing
  • Y-Seams
  • Freezer Paper Piecing
  • Curves
  • Hand Sewing
  • And more!


  • How does the subscription work?
    • The day you sign up is the day we ship & charge you for your bundle (or by next business day)
  • How will I know it's shipped?
    • You'll get an automatic shipping notification with tracking from Sewtopia
  • I can't access my blocks
    • Email us at
  • What skill level is this geared towards?
    • This is geared toward all quilters! If you need help then both Sewtopia and Tara will be on Instagram and Facebook to help you through each month.
  • What is the cost of shipping? 
    • For our US customers, shipping will be a flat $5.00 and for international customers it will be $18.00
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    • You may cancel at any time. Simply log into you account and cancel there or you can email us at to cancel
  • Can I put my subscription on hold?
    • Yes, you can put your subscription on hold by logging into your account or you can email us at to hold
  • What happens if I moved?
    • Just email us at before your renewal date and we can update your mailing address.
  • Can I combine my orders?
    • Yes, we can combine your orders. Please leave us a note at check out.
  • I would like to gift this subscription, is that possible?
    • Yes! Just tell us that this is a gift in the note section and make sure that the Ship-To address is to the receiver and we will make sure the packing slip is noted without the amount.
  • You didn't answer my question
    • Email us at and we'll try our best.