Cloud 9 Fabrics Lori Rudolph Christmas Past Winter Wreaths


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LORI RUDOLPH has long been interested in the world of colour. As a child she loved to draw and paint, this love of creating led her to pursue a career in Graphic Design. After freelancing for a few years, Lori decided to stitch things up and follow a new path. Surface pattern design and illustration now fill her days (and sometimes very late nights) with both colour and pattern... and she’s never been happier!

CHRISTMAS PAST brings together memories of Christmas past. It’s an homage to Lori’s Grandmother who loved Christmas. She displayed her vintage glass ornaments on a rather kitschy tree and decorated her home with her own unique flair. It’s because of her that Lori fell in love with Christmas baubles and now collect vintage ones herself.

44" - 45" Wide
100% Certified Organic Cotton
Made in Korea