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Alison Glass designed a new line of solids to coordinate with her lines both past and future.Kaleidoscope is a woven, 100% cotton fabric. The yarns are dyed first then woven together to make the cloth. Mostly a group of shot cottons with a couple of chambrays, two different colors are woven together to make a new, final color with a lot of depth and interest.

Sewtopia will be highlighting the whole collection. When you sign up for this subscription, each month we'll send you an "Episode" (8 half yard cuts). With subscribing, you will get a FREE Swell pattern by Nydia Kehnle. *valued at $12* As an extra bonus, Club Members will get a 20% off on Kaleidoscope & Alison Glass fabrics & patterns during the duration of your membership.

Episode 1

Lichen, Persimmon, Shrimp, Cosmos, Periwinkle, Sapphire, Dragonfly, Pine

Episode 2 

Grass, Goldenrod, Tomato, Raisin, Foxglove, Hydrangea, Aquamarine, Raven

Episode 3 

Citrus, Carrot, Salmon, Lavender, Iris, Beetle, Daisy, Cherry

Episode 4 

Fern, Sunflower, Poppy, Beet, Thistle, Blue Jay, Opal, Indigo

Episode 5

Blue Bonnet, Charcoal, Dahlia, Peacock, Peony, Urchin, Pomegranate, Strawberry

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